Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day at Amphi Middle School

We proved that one is never too old for arts and crafts.
 There were stickers  
and scissors
and fancy papers
and even more stickers.
There were grown-ups like JannyLou offering assistance, in front
and behind the tables.
The boys and girls were capable of choosing their own materials,
but cutting out a heart
sometimes required an adult. 
The paper's blank back side left lots of room for love notes.

 Many of the valentines were collaborative efforts,
 with backpacks crashing into one another
as room at the table was at a premium.
 Peeling the backs off the puffy foam stickers required concentration.
So many middle schoolers wanted to participate that we had to put out another set of double tables. 

Of course, some artists made themselves comfortable, oblivious to the chaos.
And, as always, in the end it was all about the love.

We started out with 144 sheets of paper.
We were left with none.
By any measure, it was a very successful afternoon.


  1. What a wonderful event. You are indeed a blessing to many.

    1. And they are a blessing right back to me. As one of the GRIN volunteers said, "This is the most fun... and SO EASY!"
      Our hearts were full, and it only took an hour and five minutes <3

  2. Even though hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I love doing Valentines with my kids. Any excuse to craft and I will. Looks like the kids had a great time.

    Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day.

    Megan xxx


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