Thursday, February 26, 2015

And Then There Was The Playground

FlapJilly went to the playground today.
It was her first experience with outdoor equipment.
By the time she was able to sit up on her own, the snows had descended on her home turf.
Grandma was happy to show her the ropes.
That's an accessible swing for movement impaired children, but it fit FJ and G'mu just fine.
SIR and Little Cuter were excited to put her in the bucket swing,
but she kept sliding down.
Her little hand had the bar in a death grip.
With the addition of Mommy's purse as a backstop, the entire adventure took on a much happier cast.
Daddy held her back
and she sailed to Mommy 
 and if she could have formed the words she'd have been yelling "HIGHER!!!!"
The slides were less successful.
SIR barely fit on the smallest one, and FlapJilly wasn't that thrilled with the tube,
but standing in Daddy's arms is pretty wonderful no matter where you are.
We paid a visit to Christina-Taylor's angel
which lives on the grassy slope overlooking the tot-lot
and I spent a moment or two counting my blessings and thinking of my angels.
I hugged the ones nearby and sent loving vibes heavenward and then I stowed the sadness and we went to lunch.
Life is good. 


  1. Best exercise, grandchildren and playground equipment. My dr tells me it keeps me flexible. My grandkids just think it's fun that gramma and grampa do the equipment with them.

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