Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Came to Prince Elementary School

 GRIN was there, too.
We were making frames for the pictures with Santa. 
was dressed to the nines.
These two were "almost twins".
These sisters were working too intently to smile, but I couldn't let all that pink go unrecorded.
As Santa's elf sent pictures electronically, GRIN volunteers ran the craft table.
 With paper and stickers and markers,
 volunteers helped with the choices.
There were so many,
many choices. 
Once the decision was made, Miss Ellen traced the 4x6 template into the middle of the frame. 
 She put an X through the rectangle which would hold the picture,  
to remind the artist to keep the decorating outside the box.
This led to decidedly mixed results. 
Our listeners were very young
and very excited  
 After the first few episodes of confusion, we decided not to care.
Some took to it naturally.... delicately.... just look at her pinkie.
 There was serious attention paid to detail 
and great precision brought to the task.
Some worked with great concentration.
Some put great thought into the placement of every precisely chosen item.
There was collaboration

and there was great pride.
 But mostly, there was joy. 

GRIN was thanked effusively for our help.
I said thanks, but I knew in my heart that I was the one who should be thanking them.

These Prince Mustangs fill my heart.


  1. OMG! Too much cuteness! Love all the pictures and expressions on the children's faces are priceless. This really made my day.

    Thank YOU! :)

    Megan xxx

  2. Thank you, Grandma Susie and the GRIN volunteers! We love you here at Prince!


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