Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidaze

"Are you okay, Mom?  You sound tired."

My boy was concerned. There was no energy behind my words.  I may even have been slurring a bit.  It was 8pm and I was leaning on my neck on Douglas, feet on the coffee table, barely able to hang on to the phone.

Yes, I was tired.

The tree was purchased, established safely and straight-ly in the base.  The lights run up and down the trunk and the main branches, but stick pretty close to the center.  It took an hour to install them... an hour on my feet, moving carefully, unwinding mini-lights, wearing long sleeves to protect my skin from the allergens in the Norfolk Pine. 

The ornaments were unpacked, vaguely organized by size, shape and weight on the serving platters I used for the big holiday party we hosted in California.
Cookies, champagne, guests putting ornaments on the tree.... it was designed to make my life easier.  Like most of my party plans, it was saner in the imagination than in the execution. 

We debated hosting a similar event this year, then quickly came to our senses. 

The brownies are (mostly) mailed.  The gifts are (mostly) wrapped. The kitchen table is still a disaster area, but it's a festive mess so it's somewhat less aggravating to TBG, who prizes clean countertops.  Then, again, he married a Pile Creator, a Clutter Mistress, a Project Person .... he is never surprised.

My printer and my computer need counseling; they refuse to speak to one another.  I took the last batch of boxes to the lovely folks at the UPS store and spent much more money than I should have so that I didn't have to wait in line at the post office.  The Automated Postage Center and the counter had lines out the door.... at both locations I checked. The UPS lady helped me carry my packages in from my car, had most of the addresses I was using in her computer from previous shipments, and I was out of the store in less time than it would have taken me to drive to the post office.... let alone wait in line.

Sometimes it helps to have a bit of disposable income to grease the wheels.  

Dinner has been pancakes and eggs and bacon more often than is usual in our rotation. It doesn't involve a trip to the grocery store, with two of us in the kitchen it takes about ten minutes from hunger to the first bite, and we sleep like babies with our full of carbs tummies.  Creating anything with more than three ingredients is more than I can handle right now.

I have a smile on my face and love in my heart and yes, Big Cuter, I am exhausted.


  1. When teaching, I said that dinner could take no more than 15 minutes to prepare, and that meant from the moment I entered the kitchen to the moment we sat down to eat. We reheated a lot of leftovers from weekend cooking sprees.


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