Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Snippet from Hanukkah

TBG wanted to title this post "A Goyish Chanukah" ... and I suppose I should have bowed to his desire since the whole thing was his idea.

My menorah was filled with disabled candles.
I broke them as I was putting them in, and, because I am cheap, I refused to throw them away. 
A solid shamash would have been more sensible, but sensible wasn't part of my equation.
I struggled to put that dark blue candle on its chair in the middle, after lighting all the others.
It bent, it swiveled back and forth, it teetered, it dripped, it refused to melt at the bottom to be safely secured, and, finally, after much effort, if somewhat askew..... it was in. 
Nes gadol haya sham, said I.
A great miracle happened there.
It's part of the prayer.
It was true tonight. 
It made my husband laugh.
HAPPY HANUKAH.... however you spell it.

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