Friday, November 2, 2012

T-Shirts Galore

Welcome to the first of five shoppping guides, coming to you from the heart of Nannie, my gone-but-not-forgotten mother-in-law. She taught me everything I ever needed to know about creating the perfect holiday season; we started at her house for Thanksgiving and the joy went on through her son's birthday on January 2nd.  There were gifts by the hearth in the dining room when the kids arrived from the airport, and they were always exactly the right gift.

She listened.  She planned.  She bought when she found it and stashed it in the closet until it was time to wrap.  She kept only-used-once-or-twice sheets of gift paper in the closet under the front steps; the massive rolls for holiday use lived in the sun porch.  Unheated, the bed covered with detritus of the season, the room offered a quiet escape when the festivities got to be too much.  "I'm going up to wrap," could buy me an hour of peace and quiet. 

Nannie wrapped everything.  It took hours, broken up by breaks for breakfast and lunch, to open all the gifts for her first grandchild's first Christmas.  Tiny socks, each pair in its own separate box, bibs and bottles and toys and books, all lovingly and individually presented.

It was wonderful, in an overwhelming excessive way.  The new parents wouldn't have to buy anything during the coming year.  Nannie had released years of pent up purchasing.  Everyone was happy.

It is in that spirit, with that intention, carrying that attitude, that this series begins.  Obviously, unless you are a newborn, you could live the rest of your life with the clothes and toys you have right now.  You might replace underwear and shoes and the flat tennis ball or two, but nobody needs anything I'm going to suggest. I just need to buy you something.  That's all.  I will make brownies and I will send JibJab cards and I will have long and wonderful conversations on the phone, too, but I also want to shop.  I don't need to spend a lot.  I just have to find the gift that tells you that I've been paying attention, that I noticed when you noticed something that caught your eye, that engaged your mind.

I think about you when you are not with me, and this is a token to remind you of that fact.

You are important to me. 
Everybody has too many t-shirts.  Everybody wants more. Megan mentioned Mental Floss in yesterday's comments, so we'll start there. If your family and friends run to snarky and profoundly obnoxious, this is the site for you.

For your mathlete, perhaps?
For one who can.... or can't.... spell?
Possibly being purchased for the yogi's in my life this year.
Mental Floss also has books and games and a wonderful magazine that might be a nice treat as a subscription.  But, we are focusing on t-shirts this week, so we move on.

Cafe Press is overwhelming to me.  There are just too many choices. I find myself clicking away before I find what I know must be in there but which is hiding amidst the dross.  And dross there is, though, to be fair, one woman's dross may be another's fantasy.  Still, some of my favorite tees have come from there.
This comes in kid sizes, too.
It's been making me laugh all afternoon.... 
as did this one:
Ok, ok, ok.
So, my sense of humor is somewhat puerile.
It still makes me laugh.
This bib has no business here in the t-shirt column, but I'm not doing a baby segment and I love it.
Does anyone else have a kid who wore a cape?
Cafe Press is known for customizations, too.
We will end with Red Bubble, another overwhelming site.  They are featuring Harry Potter and Dr. Who and some other pop culture icons which are unknown to me, but there are also funny and nerdy and geeky shirts, too. There are also pretty ones,  like this dandelion blowing floating people into the wind.  
Next Friday we'll be featuring foodstuffs..... popcorn, local favorites, maybe a cook book or two.


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  1. Hey AB, love these sites. I find CafePress overwhelming too. Too much to look at. ThinkGeek also has great t-shirts.

    I'm going to check out the sites this weekend. Going to an Obama/Clinton rally tomorrow. So excited!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Megan xxx


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