Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home Making

I kept summer alive until September 23rd this year; I wore bedazzled pink Converse to Little Cuter and SIR's wedding, and pink is definitely a summer color. True, their wedding day was the first day of Fall; we simply elected to honor the solstice on the morrow. The flowers were yellow and blue, the temperatures were in the 90's, there was no dissonance at all. I kept anything remotely seasonal locked away; the decor was wedding-centric and time had nothing to do with it.

Then it was October and we made the scarecrow and GRIN went to Prince for Trunk or Treat and now it's time to take down the goblins and the black cats and the jack-o'lanterns.  The pumpkins can stay; they are seasonal items and can be stored in either the Halloween or Thanksgiving box with impunity. 

I like to mix up the decor.  Now that I've streamlined it down to the essentials, switching the combinations and the candles keeps it fresh and new for me.  No one else notices, I'm sure.  This is something I do for me, and me alone. 

I made a contribution to a political campaign today and was asked for my occupation.  I wrote homemaker with a big grin and a contented sigh.  This time of year reminds me of the truth of that statement. I have made a home, over and over again, all I've done is put  by putting the same things together in different ways.

With every move, certain pieces of furniture have made the cut; the uncomfortable but beautiful purple chair, the kitchen chairs I found all by myself, the two small tables our first-ever-decorator bought for us, all have been with us for decades. In Chicago, Tiburon, Mill Valley and Tucson, Little Cuter's doggie menorah with the dislodged head, the laughing pumpkin, the softest blanket in the world, the turquoise rug, the fact of bookshelves and comfy places to watch tv... these things remain constant.

They make it home.

And yet......

Somewhere, I have a beautiful glass pumpkin which I bought last April on the one and only time I have ever been in Steinmart.  I vowed that I would return; I forgot both the promise and where I stashed the decoration. 


I even made room for it in the storage box.  Amster's kids will enjoy the skeleton lights more than I will, and the crepe paper had more fun with the 9 year olds than it did in a box in my garage, and I'm not sorry I gave it all to her, and no, thank you, I do not want it back under any circumstances. At this stage, less is more

It's just that I have the perfect spot for my misplaced put away safely lost forever the newest edition to my decor.

I know. I know. I'm the only one who cares.  But..... it's my home.......
November ushers in Be Done By Thanksgiving posts.  Every Friday, I'll encourage you to visit stores and websites I love, to help my lovely readers find perfectly lovely physical manifestations of the love you feel for your loved ones.  Can you tell that I love this time of year?

See you tomorrow for t-shirts and more.

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  1. Love the posts on Fridays about where to get gifts. You got me hooked on Mental Floss. :)

    I had a tinge of sadness this morning when I realized we will have to put away the Halloween lights. I love Christmas lights; so I was giddy when they came out with Halloween lights. Hubby even made these:

    I'm sure people coming over to our house kept wondering why we had all of these toilet paper holders on our counter. He was excited to make them. Even left work early yesterday to get them together. You should have heard how disappointed he was when the glow sticks were losing the will to live within the containers. But we did get lots of complements from kids--they thought they were way cool.

    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween.

    Megan xxx


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