Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank You

Dear Denizens,

I'm surrounded by love and warmth and caring.

I wrote two posts yesterday. If you missed the second one, scroll down.  I included my statement from the sentencing hearing.

Today, I am going to Pilates, and to Prince, and to dinner with friends. Life goes on.

I will be back, clear in mind and spirit, on Monday, with Shopping Secrets (mmmm... popcorn).

Til then, hug those you love and enjoy the fact that the sun came up today, and you were here to see it.

With LOVE,


  1. Have a great weekend AB. You deserve some down time and to have some fun. Relax and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

    Looking forward to Monday's shopping tip. :)

    Megan xxx

  2. I never could quite figure out what I could add to the many wonderful, supportive comments you got on the other post, so I just remained silent...and besides, I just wanted it to really be THE END for you. But this post, I feel is different. A page has turned, providing you with a clean, blank slate...well,sort of....I'm blathering and mixing metaphors and all kinds of stuff. I guess I just want to give you a smile and a hug.


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