Friday, November 23, 2012

One Shopping Secret

Shop local.

I'm out of fresh ideas on the interwebs. I haven't been in the garden in so long the catalogs are mere teases, tempting me with items I can't appreciate in full.  Since I am feeling the love this year, I'm avoiding things which make me grimace... like thinking about Elmo's muppeteer resigning... and I'm concentrating on the good.

So, back to my idea for this Friday's Shopping Secret : Shop Local.

The city of Fresno says that either $73 of every $100 or 45 cents of every $1 will stay in the local economy if you stay away from the big chains.  I have issues with mathematical analyses so I checked with my boys; they can't have it both ways.  Of course, Big Cuter suggests that it's really $118 out of every $100 but that's more a by-product of lying on Douglas with his Dad than any real math-ness...... but I digress.

There are little shops you've driven by a dozen times - go in.

There are bakeries and fruit stands and wine shops that have tempted you from afar - give in.

Ask the waitress where she found those fabulous earrings; I'll bet it was an artisan whose work you can find just down the street.

I, for one, am going to get an early start on the brownie list.  It doesn't get more local than my own kitchen, after all.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, denizens.


  1. Thanks for the mention of my home town. The buy local campaign is really big here as we are having serious economic issues and really do need to keep all of our money local.

  2. I'm trying to stay local and shopping on Etsy -- very small business -- as much as possible. It seems to be working and I've bought most of what I am giving as gifts. Also saved a lot of aggravation. Don't think I can actually shop at Macy's this year, but will try and stop by to see the decorations and flee if I get overwhelmed.

  3. Thank for sharing. May you a nice day.


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