Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Trunk or Treat

We went Trunk or Treating tonight, my friends and I.

The elementary school is in a dicey neighborhood so the PTO (both members) organized a safe place to beg for candy ..... in the gated, guarded parking lot. 
Trunks were decorated

Some more elaborately than others.

There were pirates who masqueraded as teachers during the day.

And there was a box with a person inside it.
The fans were lining up to look at it. 
They really were.

There were little ones.

And there were big ones.

And there were some in between.

Native garb came in quite handy for this strange American celebration.

Moms were very useful when pom poms were too heavy to be carried even one more step while you were trying to keep up with your long-suffering big brother..

On behalf of men everywhere, TBG congratulated Optimus Prime on having the coolest costume ever.
He was very fierce.

Spidey made several appearances

and so did more handcrafted creations.
I especially like the teeth on this one.

But what captured our hearts were their faces.

The faces of America


  1. The FACES of America indeed! How soon so many of us forget that we are a country built of Immigrants, Wonderful stuff...a real "Feel Good" post!

  2. I love this post too. I've never heard of trunk or treat. Gosh, the things you teach me. Loving this idea. All of the costumes are awesome. I love TBG's shirt and hat. Where did he get them from? Hubby would like that for next year.

    Thanks for sharing such a great event with all of us.

    Megan xxx

  3. Marvelous! Great picture of TBG, too, as The Great Pumpkin.

    As I read the by-lines of news articles, scan the faces of #OWS, and look into the faces of your little goblins, I confirm that this is not a tea party America. In its diversity, this is the America it was always meant to be.

  4. I love your post!! What a great idea; especially in dicey neighborhoods! The photos are great.

  5. Awesome post! Still smiling.


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