Friday, November 25, 2011

Small Business Saturday, Burrow-Style

I want to go to each and every one of these places with each and every one of you.  Just look at all the fun we can have in

Bloomington, Indiana buying books at Howard's Bookstore (111 W. Kirkwood) and used ones at Caveat Emptor (112 N. Walnut). They have no web presence; we'll have to drive 45 miles south of Indianapolis and visit in person  We could buy Little Cuter something wonderful at Goods for Cooks before we stopped for dessert at BluBoy Chocolates Cafe and Cakery.  The name alone has me drooling, and then I saw the pictures of the cakes made with locally sourced ingredients.  Thanks, Little Cheese, for these ideas.

Traveling further south, just outside of Dallas we'll come to Flower Mound, Texas and Sole Groove Dance  Fitness.  So many great names, so much fun and excercise.  SEL suggests a class pass for someone who hates traditional exercise classes.  This is so totally within the spirit of the adventures post  in this series.  How about buying them for your book group or your two best friends?  It's always easier to keep to a routine if you have someone who's depending on you for company.

Somewhat closer to my own stomping grounds, we can meet at Quilters Ranch in Tempe.  Not-Kathy had to insure that there was a great quilting community before she could really consider joining us here in Tucson; from the exclamation points in Sandy's recommendation I think she'd be happy in Tempe, too.

Katiekono could meet us for a Mediterranean lunch at Saba's on Tatum and E. Bell Road.  After lunch, we could meet Laura further south at Catalina Ranch House in Catalina, your one stop shop for all things Arizona.... from the ridiculous

to the sublime

Once you're in Tucson, Leah and I would like to invite you to Mildred and Dildred and the Kids' Center (which has a fabulous website) for the kiddies, Summit Hut for all things outdoors, The Loop (immortalized in The Burrow here) for jeans, and PopCycle and Little Bird Nesting, on 4th Avenue for funky, recycled fun.  Leah's inviting us to shop on-line at her (self-described) hobby business, Barefoot Books and at her etsy shop, too.

There are Farm Boxes from CSA, yoga packages (Barefoot Studio here in Tucson or your local purveyor), and, when all else fails, a gift card from your favorite small business.  Discovery Toys (thanks KatieKono) is a smart place to shop for the young 'uns on your list, as are Tupperware and Pampered Chef and Avon and Cutco and Mary Kay... all of which are sold by your neighbors in the ultimate small business.  Sure, Target and Wally-World and Macy's and Toys R Us are open early and late and have everything, but local shopping keeps the money closer to home... and that's a good thing.

By now you should be finishing up your last bits and pieces....... as should I.... and I'm not.... but I do know where to start looking once I put on my elf hat.  Keep an eye out... maybe we'll run into one another.

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  1. Let me know if you want me to send you items from those Bloomington shops--for you or for those on your list. xoxo


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