Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

I'm really confused by Herman Cain.  Is it possible that he is as clueless as he appears?  It can't all be a case of Gotcha! by left wing media stooges, can it?  Ann Coulter adds to my perplexity.  As a fellow Cornellian, I know that she received a top-notch college education.  If you start at the beginning of the clip you can try to make sense of it yourself.  For me, it's another example of Republican tone-deafness, right up there with the Glock raffle earlier this year here in Tucson.

Oh, Ann.  Our blacks are so much better than their blacks?  I don't even know where to begin..... so I'm leaving.
Joe Paterno hears that one of his coaches was seen in the shower room with a 10 year old boy and he sends a note to the principal?  That's the least I'd like to think .... and that's just for the presence of the kid in the space, let alone what the graduate assistant saw that upset him so much.  Of course, no one told anyone the particulars, because that's how these things are spun.  But, as Michael Rosenberg writes in SI.com today, Joe Paterno, Penn State didn't do what was right.

Once again, some of the best writing I read comes from Sports Illustrated.
TBG and I have been battling chest colds for a week or more.  We've blamed it on the changing barometric pressure, on allergens blown up by the edge of the haboob, on lack of sleep and too busy days but we've finally given up, we're giving the devil his due, and admitting it : we are sick.

Of course, neither of us will seek medical care.  It's just a cold, after all.  Instead, we will thank Proctor and Gamble for sending a box of goodies after BlogHer'12.... because inside that box was cough medicine  just like nearly the same as  reminiscent of honey.  Free and effective - perfect!
Left an event early last night so that I could pick up a girlfriend and drive downtown to see Calexico at The Rialto.  Our tickets were at will-call and they were the comfy reserved seats up in the loge.  The ones with perfect sight lines and a place to rest my achy leg and the aisle right there for dancing.... yes, those seats.  It was the concert to wrap up Tucson's Day of the Dead celebration.

The celebration included a parade.  We knew that.  What we didn't know was that the entire downtown area would be barricaded.  We drove down Alameda three times, making the same U-turn beside the same car loading the same green lighted shrine into their truck.  We tried going across 6th a few times - both east and west.  We went south to Broadway and cut west, heading for the underpass and downtown but there we were again, headed toward Alameda.  I drove on Council Street for the second time in two months. Entering I-10 south of downtown, we tried the Congress Street exit but it, too, had those barricades.

It wouldn't have been so bad if there had been someone manning the barricades, someone to tell me how to get to The Rialto for the show.  But, alas, there was no one.  We were thwarted.  We continued west to Miracle Mile and drove north to Swensons.  Ice cream almost fixed the ache of missing the show.... almost.  Sigh.


  1. I apologize right up front, but Ann Coulter makes me want to throw-up. I cannot stand that woman. There is no way I can even watch her. She's just downright evil.

    As for Cain, this whole thing with these women makes me ill too. He obviously is a serial harasser. There is now way in Hell I would want someone like that in the Presidency.

    I'm off to vote today and praying like mad that some of my Democrat favorites will win. Scared though 'cause the GOP has a strong foothold in Northern VA. :(

    Happy Election Day!

    Megan xxx

  2. I watched the woman give her story yesterday; so I could decide how it rang to me... and it rang true which means I expect that he with his great Christian faith, will lie like the devil and deny the whole thing. This is why women don't come forward because they will be attacked by the right wing nut jobs like Coulter and Limbaugh and the right will continue to believe the powerful man over the woman.

    If Republicans had brains, the fact that Cain didn't know China has had nuclear weapons since 1964 would have ended any chance for him to take their nomination. Seriously this wasn't a warning to them that he doesn't care about foreign affairs and is only following orders from his brothers from another mother? It's so annoying but I blame the voters more than him. There is always a conman out there. It's our fault if we keep getting fooled by them especially when they make flub after flub and in his case had a 999 plan that he was given by someone this summer to get attention. Seriously, he's got that many Republicans fooled???

  3. I grinned at your comment about Coulter the Cornellian. I discovered on Facebook that there are graduates of my alma maters who cannot spell. At all.

    You're cute when you're grumpy.

  4. I think Cain is an arrogant jerk! He actually makes me want to throw mac and cheese at the TV when I see his face. Coulter also makes me nuts... I would like to spray her with silly spray and have her slimed.


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