Friday, September 2, 2011

A Two-Fer

I am learning to market myself. I sold today's post to BlogHer for real cash money. I wrote it and polished it and pitched it and they bought it.  I'm feeling pretty good at the end of a fairly crappy day.  If you want to read my take on the infamous Raffle of the Glock, click through here. I'm sad and I'm peeved and, as usual, I spill the raw details. I can't tell you how or why, but it does help me heal.

Here in The Burrow, on the other hand, we'll be shopping for t-shirts.  It's Friday, and though the world may try to throw me for a loop I am keeping true to my promise about these holiday helper weekly posts.  So, deep breath, put the craziness aside, and get back to the happy place.

Breathe....... Breathe....... Breathe......... ahhhhh, here we go......

First of all, there's threadless Tees, my favorite first stop every Fall. Available in all kinds of styles, from girly to manly to sweatshirts, they are haunting,guys/style,shirt
and silly,girls/style,shirt

and often ridiculously inexpensive, like this one, on sale for $10.,guys/style,shirt
A lot of why I like threadless Tees so much may be the fact that their only retail outlet exists right around the corner from Little Cuter and SIR in Chicago.  It makes me smile every time we walk past the storefront.  I have a virtual relationship with them and feel no need to enter and be tempted.  And trust me, tempted I would be.

After I shop myself silly at threadless, I usually stop in at Mental Floss. (sorry about the pop up box that opens when you click..... it closes quickly... that's its only virtue).

Mental Floss is a magazine of information that would most likely be called trivia if it didn't come in so damn useful all the time.  The boys who put it together were college buddies and there is still a certain adolescent snarkiness present in everything they do.
I'm sorry if it offends you.  It just seemed harmlessly childish to me.

There are political statements (kinda sorta)
and gentle rants

and shirts for that guy on your list who knows that he is just smarter than everyone else

There are other places I love, but that should keep you busy this weekend. Enjoy the official end of summer, at least as far as I am concerned. And remember, if you followNannie's advice, and buy it when you see it so that you have it when you need it, you will be a happy non-shopper come the December crunch.

At least, that's the plan.


  1. Being the geek that I am, I'm loving the mental floss shirts. Going to order from them. Hubby's a geek too and will appreciate some of these as Christmas presents.

    I just went over read your BlogHer entry and I'm sitting here crying too. What the heck are these people thinking? It's totally immoral what they are doing. Raffling off a weapon like it's a toy or a prize. WTF? Sorry... I'm really angry. This is wrong on soooooo many levels. It's disrespectful to the memories of those six souls that were cruelly snatched from us. I'm going to write to them too and ask them why they think this is appropriate. It's not a game and it's not funny in the least.

    Damn it. I'm really angry now...

    Sending you a big, virtual hug.

    Megan xxx

  2. We Cheeses are all outraged and sickened and saddened. People at home refused at first to believe this was real when the word began to spread, but unfortunately I never doubted that the local GOP was capable of this. They may be Tucsonans, but something has happened to their brains, and to their hearts. Sending love and strength.... xoxo

  3. I've just written to the Pima County GOP asking them what the heck are they thinking? If anyone else wants to write to them too, here are the Email addresses:,,,

    I'm still seething from this.... Uggghhh!

  4. Oh, I do so love my readers :) On the bright side, isn't it wonderful to know that there's no reason to look at the Pima County Republican side of the ballot this election cycle? Anyone who's associated with this event... well, who would want such a soul representing them in Phoenix or Washington? Not I, said the little shooting victim. Not I, indeed.

  5. This very Ashleigh Burroughs sentence jumped out at me on the BlogHer piece: "This isn't about the gun. This is about a political party so insensitive to the impact of its actions that they would expose themselves to vitriol and me to heartbreak."

    That's a helluva good, strong statement. A bit long for a t-shirt, but I'd wear it.

  6. I adore the English Major t-shirt. I really need one!!

  7. I'm very glad that you sold your thoughts to BlogHer. I've linked to your article twice, once in my blog comments @ and again in my ViewsHound comments @ I think that you will enjoy seeing the support that my readers are giving to you. Hugs!

  8. Oh, if you love these two places you would also like my hometown Spokane WA store, Boo Radley's! My kids and I NEVER miss stopping here! I don't know how to insert a link in a comment so here's a taste of the store:

  9. I just wanted to let you know that ViewsHound gave me their Silver Prize ($30) for the article that I wrote about the Pima County GOP Glock auction. Thank you so much for diving into the reader discussion that followed that article. Your input was invaluable! Here's the link again:

  10. "Guy on your list who knows that he is smarter than everyone else?"

    Sigh..and that's the shirt that really made me laugh! I want one!

    "Girl on your list who is smarter than the guys :-)"


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