Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

The Shopper is taking the week off.  Stationary will be featured next week..... some of it still has to arrive and be photographed for your visual pleasure.  
Enjoy the Random Thoughts..... Shopping Secrets will return next week.

Everyone is excited about planning this wedding... right up until we actually start to do some planning.  Then we all go our separate emotional ways, it seems. My way is straight to panic and confusion.  I want everyone to be happy.  I want the cost to be small and the joy to be huge.  I want perfect weather and 100% yield on the invitation list so that we can be surrounded by everyone we chose to invite.... everyone we love.

Who knew that even in Tucson there would be only 2 Fall weekends left from which to choose?
Arizona lost badly and Arizona State won deliciously and suddenly I realize that I have no idea how Cal or Stanford have fared this season.  It seems that I am truly a resident of the Grand Canyon State.
Gabby and Mark have a book coming out and the ABC affiliate wanted my thoughts.  The reporter wondered just how this story could still be of interest all these many months later.  I admitted that I'd wondered the same thing but that earlier that afternoon I'd been startled into dropping everything in my hands by a woman bending down to the car seat I had just maneuvered myself into and saying "Aren't you....."

Yes, this story still has legs.
Reggie's eldest is being married in NYC next Spring.  There's a hotel for the grown-ups and a hotel for the kids and a hotel for people who are more comfortable in a Best Western.  They all cost the same and they are all within the same distance of the venues.

Why would someone travel to Manhattan and stay in a generic motel?
My post on Lunch seems to have prompted comments extolling the virtues of the egg.  Denizens like them hard boiled and scrambled and for 3 meals a day.

With all the blogs available for your perusal, I wonder if this egg connection has some relevance to your returning to The Burrow?  It's just a theory.....
I went to a fundraiser for Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick last night.  It was sponsored by Arizona List, our version of Emily's List.  I went alone but I saw lots of friends,  There was a classmate from the Humanities Seminars and DreamyCakes' best friend and a stranger whose hug I remembered from a luncheon 6 months ago.  The presentation by Jef Pollock was full of statistics and absent of policy.

He's a self-described marketer.  This is what our politics have come to.  We're turning out and being sold a bill of goods.  Sigh.......
There are meetings and there are meetings.

Since none of the people involved read The Burrow, I am safe when I say that I spent possibly the most frustrating hour of the last 9 months on a conference call this afternoon.  25 minutes on "when should we next meet".... with a decision made and then forgotten and re-made 20 minutes into the conversation.

When everyone is in the room and I am on the phone I miss the social cues that would tell me if I am the only one who was rolling her eyes.


  1. Ah, wedding planning! My biggest struggle was to suppress my own wishes, anxieties, reactions, and to always, always defer to the bride. Not easy when I'd assumed a proprietary interest in each tooth she'd shed, each college application sent (although those were good practice for this.)

    I think my most successful wedding gift was to be easily pleased with all her choices, especially the ones she deferred to the groom. But, oh, it was hard work!

  2. All I can say about the wedding planning is to take a deep breath and relax. It's been my experience that when we stress about things like this, we get our hopes up for everything to be perfect. Something will not go according to plan, but shrug it off. To this day, I'm still angry about the cheesy blue limousines that showed-up when I ordered black. They literally looked like they were from the 80s. It's 12 years later and I truly need to get over it (LOL).

    I have to laugh about the egg post because that very evening, I came home and made some scrambled eggs with toast and sausage. It had been on my mind all day. ;)

    Have a good weekend!

    Megan xxx

  3. Haha on the meeting... bet you're really looking forward to the day when webcam-based meetings replace conventional conference calls. You'll have to wear a mask. (Or at least those scleral-shell things that cover your eyeballs.)

  4. My facial expressions always get me in trouble, so I am safer in virtual or telephonic "meetings." But it's true that you can't tell if you are the only one going nuts and wanting to strangle people.


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