Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

There's no Monday Night Football tonight.  Are all the men watching Bachelor Pad?
Karina Bland writes a wonderful column for the Arizona Republic.  This past Sunday she wrote about Christina's mom.  If you have a box of tissues nearby, click here.
Did you know that installing a dance floor over an in-ground swimming pool involves scaffolding?  Neither did I, until this morning.
Planning my garden for perfection-a-year-from-now involves trees and pruning today to see what it will look like a month from now and plotting the angle of the sun.  It is so much fun; I almost always have a smile on my face.  I just wish Little Cuter and MOTG  were here too.  As LC's email demanded this afternoon: Be Closer!
We got a lesson in not putting all our eggs in one basket this morning when Comcast went out.  The land line and the internet and the television - gone.  Comcast comped us two days of service and restored everything within a couple of hours. Everyone was friendly and helpful and generous.

And then I remembered that I liked Comcast last June, too:
I met a unicorn today.  

Actually, there were two of them.  They rang my bell on time.  They were clean and made eye contact and had firm handshakes.  They let me say my piece and agreed with what I'd said and then they didn't bother me until the job was done.  They explained everything that they had done, and went back with me to check that it was perfect.  They brought me a replacement part for an item which was "too hard to push" and left me another if this one should fail.  The entire operation took less than an hour, and when they were finished I had a new phone carrier using my same phone number and internet connectivity that is much faster than what I'd had in the morning.  On top of it all, I will be saving about $1500 each year by making this change.

What?  Good service?  Helpful technicians?  Friendly well spoken young people?  Yes, indeed.  When I told the Little Cuter (my first caller after the switch) that Comcast was here and that they were wonderful, she announced that I had discovered a fanciful, unimaginable, never seen in real life creature -- "Tell them they are unicorns... with a shiny horn."
We are fans.

I know.  It surprises us, too.  But it is true.


  1. AB, I read the article this morning and was sobbing. Boss came into my office and I was honest and said that I had read a very sad article. I don't know why CT is on my mind so much lately. Maybe it's because I was with my kids for ten days at the beach and my mind kept wondering off to CT playing and missing so much. My children had so much fun. Maybe it's because her birthday is coming-up? Maybe it's just that I've had some down time while I was away and my mind was wondering and I often end-up with her in my mind and my heart just breaks so much for you and her family. So much lost potential. So many hearts broken.

    One of the hardest things was to read how Roxanna thought people would forget about CT. That will NEVER happen. She was an inspiration to so many of us and accomplished so much in her short life. God, I'm starting to cry again....

    I missed your blog while I was away.

    Sending a big virtual hug.

    Megan xxx

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to be there! I can not wait to see your garden!


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