Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

I am sizzling. Steam is pouring out of my ears. You do not want to be near me if you are a member of Congress.

Two distinct issues have been conflated and minimized and our children will be the ones to suffer. Cutting spending and raising the debt ceiling share some common ground, but the first is necessary to insure our future and the second is necessary to pay the bills we incurred in the past.

"It's the same but different", as the Cuters used to tell me.

If TBG could explain it to me, I'm sure someone somewhere on the Hill could explain it to Congress. But why should they listen? They have all the power and the glory and the attention and it's like Kindergarten Cop. By allowing the inmates to run the asylum, John Boehner and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have left us with a bill that includes less than $1trillion in cuts, spread out over 10 years and which forces our legislators to vote right before they come home for Thanksgiving and then again at Christmas-time.

Oh, yes, don't let me forget: they've also established a committee to study the whole thing.
I forgot that Producer is the fancy title given to the ankle-biters who solicit potential interviewees for television and radio. I forgot that they tell you that they have more power than they actually have in order to get you to do what they want you to do.

I got a nice post out of the experience, but my hopes of a burgeoning career as a tele-pseudo-journalist are spiraling ever downward. I am apparently one of many, rather than a very special singularity .... except in my own head, and that of my devoted readers, of course!
I watched a rain storm move across Safford Peak yesterday. Watching a weather system move from south to north was startling; was this the end of Hurricane Don?

I rarely contemplated the horizon when I lived on Long Island. It was only the beach that offered a sense of scale and distance; buildings blocked that everywhere else.  In college, I'd sit on the porch at The Straight and see this
thank you BacktalkBand.com for the image
and know that I needed vistas in my life.  So now I have this
outside my window as I type to you.
And if that didn't make you smile, how about the fact that Gabby voted just now?
JannyLou called and the local ABC and NBc affiliates called and everyone is smiling and I'm going live on the 5pm news.... a phone interview since I didn't want to clean and they didn't want to travel. How nice to be talking about something positive for a change.


  1. Hubby actually alerted me to Gabby voting and when I watched the video I almost cried. For what's happened to her, she looked amazing! Out of this whole icky debt ceiling debacle, it was so heartwarming to see her there to vote.

    What station were you on? I would love to hear the interview.

    Love the vista pixs!

    Megan xxx

  2. I got choked up when I saw Gabby walk into the House and I also thought of you.

  3. Raising the Ceiling debt will guarentee that your grandchildren will be in a great deal of trouble...don't understand the raising of the debt. Holy Cow...makes me crazy...debbie

  4. What a wonderful example of tragedy and adversity defeated! Both of you are amazing women.

  5. I love you mad. I love you happy, but you're so COOL when you're mad for a good reason. It makes me feel more normal.

    "...it's like Kindergarten Cop." Prezactly.

    I tweeted: Thinking of suing Congress for duress and mental anguish. You'll witness for me, right?" And I know you would.

    Gabby. She redeemed the thing for me. I need to keep watching that clip every fifteen minutes in the weeks ahead.

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