Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things That Are Making Me Smile Right Now

  • Wondering if Boise State can win on a green field.
  • The smell of lamb chops on the grill...... and wearing shorts while I'm inhaling the aroma... and it's January.
  • Reading a new Sharon McCone story all afternoon, knowing that the bills are paid and the box of "to do" items has been reviewed. Making myself happy as a resolution seems to involve dealing with my marked propensity toward procrastination and sloth.
  • The two of us finishing an entire Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream pie birthday cake in one very happy ninety minute period and then wondering: can a pie be a cake?
  • Watching Aaron's face as he describes power walking with his daughter while pushing his son's son-in-his- stroller up and down the long dirt driveway on their ranch in the Mendocino hills. The man has made lemonade and limoncello and lemon Italian Ices and Hawaiian lemon shaved ice out of what could have been a very big box of lemons.
  • Discovering the wonderfulness that is Ukrainian Bread from Sunflower Market. Who knew such a thing existed? Not I, and I'm friends with a Ukrainian. I know about the Easter Eggs.... but the seedy-nutty-cakey bread is a new thing for me.
  • The terrible cheese-iness that is The Bachelor. It's skin-crawlingly awful and yet we come back to it, season after season.
  • Seeing that the color of the field doesn't make a difference as WinstonVenable, Boise State (via Marin) outside linebacker makes an interception that gives the Broncos the national championship, at least as far as TBG, the Big Cuter and I are concerned.

That was going to be the last point, balancing nicely the first one. But then I saw the bedazzled football-shaped trophy given to Boise State by the Fiesta Bowl people and I was smiling again so I had to share.

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