Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Commercial Spoke to Him

Watching the less-than-an-offensive-juggernaut that was the faux-Browns vs the used-to-be-Baltimore-Colts on a football saturated weekend, the commercials became a welcome respite from officials reviewing a call.

Still, having watched one network consistently over a few weeks (think March Madness or the Olympics or American Idol if you want to experience the feeling and football analogies leave you cold) we'd been reduced to yelling "Not Again!!" at every commercial break.

TBG owns the remote in our house; even the Cuters cede it to him. As the cameras panned up from the field and the music swelled, his nimble fingers pressed mute and then, amazingly, he didn't minimize the picture to peruse the on-screen guide. He was mesmerized.

Two seconds into a commercial featuring a woman's face turning, the camera doing a slow pan as she is gazing and TBG says "This is a car commercial."

There were no logos on the screen. There were no vrrrooooming noises in the background. There was just a woman's face and then there were numbers and symbols and geometric shapes floating around her face. It was pretty, but a car commercial?????

TBG was totally there with the dark-haired woman with the beautiful eyes. Because, he told me, the symbols were showing calibrations and angles and momentum and all manner of numerical representations of the way it feels when you drive.

"It's an appreciation of the shapes you see in the world before you.
It's the connection between driver and car
when you're efficiently dealing with the road ahead.

I love when he tries to draw me into his world. There's a special smile he gets and a look in his eyes that tells me that the words are close-but-no-cigar to the real experience.

Still, it was nice of Acura to try to show it to me.


  1. Link to a video of the commercial? I think I know the one you're talking about, but not sure.

  2. I've given up on television, in part because I can't understand the commercials anymore! This one sounds remarkably clever as well as beautiful...I agree with Billy; can you link it? I think I liked it better when the Mad Men were hyping products to us; at least those guys weren't smarter than their audience. When does that fifth season start? I may have to break down and watch AMC for that.

  3. Ah,yes, you faithful readers... I tried, I really tried. There doesn't seem to be any record of the commercial on-line. Now that the post is written, though, I'll link it to Acura and see if they can help me.

    Both the Cuters love Mad Men.... I guess TBG and I should tune in.

    I'll keep you posted ;)

    Thanks, as always, for reading.


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