Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something New

Find 8 minutes and 33 seconds and watch this whole thing.

Kseniya Simonova, 24 and gorgeous, won Ukraine's Got Talent. She creates pictures on an illuminated sand table .... which makes no sense at all until you watch her.

After you've watched the video, click here for the annotations. I was perfectly content making up my own story, which was close but not exactly what the explicator explicates. The site identifies the music and translates the (few) words.

The audience is sobbing, the judge is wiping her eyes, and I was a bit flummoxed by their reactions until I read and then thought about what it meant to be in the Ukraine when the Nazi's invaded.

Like you, I bet, my mind went straight to Ilsa telling Rick what the megaphones were blaring as the Germans marched into Paris. But the notes go on to tell us that almost every person in the audience had lost a family member to the Great War and what I thought was religious iconography were historical memorials like the light over the Kennedy tomb in Arlington and then I watched the video again and I cried.

And then I said a little prayer for the boys and girls I know who are or soon will be in harms way.


  1. Oh, my, how lovely and touching. Thank you very much for passing this along. Today, I've been looking for things to take my mind off the news and I've found something here.


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