Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Musings

Lots of celebrity kids have been in the news lately.

David Letterman made an ass of himself not only because he was rude and insensitive but also because he missed the underlying fact that it wasn't Bristol but Willow, all 14 years old of her, who was in NY at the ball game. Not that smacking Bristol is ok - the poor child is the victim of abstinence only parenting by grown-ups who are frequently away from home - but going for the cheap laugh on what turns out to be a mistake anyway, well, that's just embarrassing.

Kobe's little girls were all over the NBA Championship Trophy celebration. In his arms, scratching his beard, gently touching the MVP (or whatever it's called these days) trophy with the tips of their teeny tiny fingers, these kids were as sparkly as their outfits.

Shia LeBoeuf was the cover article in Parade Magazine. No, he doesn't have kids. He's the kid. Fending for himself since he was 10 years old. His parents certainly seemed to have enjoyed their lives without giving much thought to the quality of his. The Little Cuter reminded me last week that some people just get stuck at a certain age for the rest of their lives; read the article and weep.

Stretching this kid thing a little thin...... but..... To Have and Have Not is on TMC right now. It's the movie where Bogie, age 45, met Bacall, age 20. They are timeless together, but 25 years is still 25 years. Think Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (25 yrs apart) or Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart (23 years). I don't know what I want you to think about it, if anything. I'm just pointing it out.

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