Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Phone

Lost my cell phone. Never done that before, though I've washed it a few times. Went to the AT&T store to buy a new one. Just wanted to make phone calls and text the Cuters from time to time (sometimes more than others.... can you spell March Madness??). Had seen the ads on tv and thought I might even get one for free.

And, in fact, there was a free phone. Absolutely free. Of course, that's free before the required for the rebate purchases/commitments/taxes on purchase price before said rebates etc etc etc. By the time Jesus was finished explaining it all to me I was willing to sign anything just to get out of there. At least I could keep my same phone number.

So, free wasn't exactly free after the purchases/commitments etc etc were factored in, but the phones which came in at $29.95 were pretty interesting. The camera came as a standard feature. Why was I dismissing a VGA camera when I had absolutely no idea what it meant except that it was on the chintzy-est phone? Suddenly, I'm an expert on video cameras smaller than my wallet. This from a woman who still has the Sony video camera which weighs about 15 pounds and makes tapes playable on no devices extant. I was trying to be a good consumer, but the information overload was threatening.

I found a phone with a volume button I could understand and fairly intuitive text messaging on a qwerty keyboard and it came in green so I bought it. Signed papers, extended my contract for 2 years which is really 21 months but don't lose the phone before then unless you buy insurance for a monthly fee in addition to the data package which makes the (extremely cool) GPS lady speak to me.

Now that's an option I just may keep.

Came home from a lovely afternoon with G'ma and my new phone and called the Little Cuter. Talked as the sun set and the breeze blew and the bats flew (ok, I'll stop now) and only disconnected her once.

Of course, there was the little matter of figuring out how to hang up. And then I realized that this device is a telegraph office/1 hour photo lab first, and a means of exchanging verbal communications a distant 3rd.

I'm feeling old. Think I'll go look at my totally cool green phone for a while.

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