Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Musings on a Weekend Watching Sports

SILVER LINING DEPARTMENT:  Because it took Mine That Bird's trainer so long to crutch to the winners' circle, the jockey got to trip around the track, high fiving his big smile red coated escort and bumping fists with the guys in the blue Visa logo jackets while the crowd roared its approval.  The announcers were silent as Calvin Borel shared his joy - a perfect tv moment.


Why was Pizza Hut (via Yum Brands) the lead advertiser for The Derby when Louisville is Papa John's corporate backyard?


Charles Barkley is becoming much less interesting as we both get older.


I liked Jack Kemp - he wasn't as annoying as most Republicans are.  RIP, Congressman.


TBG used the foliage surrounding the course at Quail Hollow to deduce that it wasn't in California and so couldn't be where we'd vacationed with The Cuters (that was Quail Lodge).  I learned football and basketball, he's learning plants. Cross-pollination..... one of the joys of a long marriage.

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  1. Quail Hollow is two minutes from my house. Now you and TBG will have two reasons to come to Charlotte next year.


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