Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Do I Care?

Spent 3 hours of a beautiful holiday weekend setting myself up to be crushed. Wonderful. So glad to have invested the time and energy. Especially the energy.

Cornell Lacrosse was, improbably to some, in the finals of the NCAA Championship series. Playing Syracuse, their cross-lake rivals. The only place in NYState with worse weather than Ithaca.

I can't even type full sentences. I just have random bits of emotion floating from my fingers to the screen.

Cornell was leading until the last 4.5minutes of the game. Up a goal early, they capitalized on Syracuse's inability to play through the entire penalty period and scored 3 goals within 1 second of the end of 3 man-up possessions. Just as Herb Brooks admonished his Olympic Gold Medal team, Cornell played til the whistle blew. And they were rewarded for their efforts.

Up 3 goals with 5 minutes left to play. 3-0 when leading in the last 2 minutes of the game this season. And boom-boom-boom they fall apart, let Syracuse score, don't clear the ball, stand around watching and flub the perfectly played face-off to allow the final, winning goal.

Don't call it "Sudden Victory"....... it's truly "sudden Death".

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