Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Trails

Tony Kornheiser is off Monday Night Football. I agree with him - he did get better over the 3 years he tried to be entertaining and sometimes almost maybe well not really all that often got there. Now Chucky will be sitting in the booth, waiting until another slot in the revolving door that is NFL coaching opens up and lets him slip right back in.
Howard Cosell was sui generis; I can't think of MNF without Howard's face and voice lurking in a back corner. I never could hate him quite as much as it seemed that I ought to hate him. Maybe because he and Daddooooo weren't that different. There was something about men of that time and place and background that made them look for the slippery banana peel instead of smelling the roses.
Stephen A. Smith and Bill Walton are blessedly absent during these playoff broadcasts. Smith is just an idiot - yes, I know that's an easy out but he really doesn't deserve more finger movement on the keyboard. Walton's not an idiot, he's just waaaay more certain that he's right than I and my basketball lifelines think he is. And that voice. I love the Grateful Dead, too, but that's not enough to make me sorry he's gone.
And then there's the penetrating journalism of sideline reporter David Aldridge. His insightful questioning of Hedo Turkoglu (on being tall) and Phil Jackson (on winning the last 6 minutes) made me wonder : "Where is Phyllis George when we need her?"

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