Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Summer Feels

There's the sun on my shoulders around the straps of my tank top, heating up certain parts and leaving others to drip perspiration down my back.  It tickles and I smile.

There's the fresh peach in my hand, ripe and ready and heady with that aroma that belongs in the pantheon of perfumes.  It's as much fun to smell as it is to taste.

There's the yellow pollen and dander and flower detritus littering the ground beneath the now barren trees, their leaves folded upon themselves, protecting the moisture within.  It's a startling reminder of how quickly the seasons change.  Did it just become summer? I ask aloud.

There are baby snakes and ground squirrels and quail to admire as I walk on Christina's path.  The little slithery ones are really dangerous, the others are just adorable.  They warm my heart.

Hot weather annuals line the garden centers' shelves.  If only it were cool enough to spend the time preparing the beds and planting the plants.  I'm bored and frustrated.  I want to be outside in the sunshine.

But it's approaching 100 degrees out there and there's not a human on the roads or the bike paths.  

We're all inside, wondering where our breezes went.

I still wouldn't trade it for a Chicago winter.  Nope.  Not a chance.


  1. We were glad we were still here when the ice melted on the Santa Cruz. Plans were altered and that's the only reason why

  2. I'm still dealing with the baby snakes. Eeek. That would keep me off the path. My phobia.
    I could not deal with your heat. I could use a bit more sun and warmth though.


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