Friday, May 3, 2024

A Smile For Your Weekend

The young person attached to these hands

lives with her two parents and their work from home, full time jobs.  Most days she goes to a Montessori day care (she's 1; I can't really think of it as school) nearby.  Recently, though, she's been spending a lot of time at home.

It was first diagnosed as something that it wasn't and was given an antibiotic to cure what wasn't wrong with her.  

When the lab report finally came back, they gave her a different antibiotic to fix what really was wrong with her.  

Through it all she's had the sniffles.  Turns out that's now an ear infection, a left over from the one she had at the beginning.  Not surprisingly, she was prescribed another, stronger antibiotic.

Her exhausted father, battling a cold of his own, called for some sympathy from his much-too-far-away-to-be-any-help parents.

He ended his sorry tale with the news that their pediatrician suggested probiotics for a few months......probiotics..... antibiotics..... ambivalent biotics.....


  1. Pills for everything. You soon realize that as much as you would lkie it to be, medicine is NOT and exact science.

  2. California seems awash with respiratory ailments. Terry and I have both been laid low with what can only be determined to be a cold leaning to bronchitis. The doctors tell us that there are more of these cases right now than they have ever seen. Not much anyone can do but slow down, drink fluids and take some cough syrup every few hours. I keep saying I sound like a dying dinosaur and now I know how they became extinct.

    1. Hope you had a restful weekend and that you and Terry are on the mend. My crew is recovering nicely; hoping the same for you.


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