Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Best Laid Plans

TBG is having a knee replacement next Tuesday.  Big Cuter is bringing his whole crew (wife, pig, work materials) on Saturday for some hands on loving and help.  We don't think his father will require heavy lifting, but it's good to know that someone larger than I am will be around should the need arise.

In preparation for the arrival of guests whose food preferences differ from ours, I've been cleaning out the refrigerator and the freezer.  There were many interesting discoveries pushed behind taller containers.  Several of those discoveries introduced me to new colors.  I researched mold spores and found that soft cheeses allow for invisible-to-the-naked-eye strands of unhealthy-ness.  All of that is gone.  

I read the Use By labels on everything and discarded appropriately.  

I discovered that I should have bought more hot dogs at Costco.  I found the sour cream I knew I had but couldn't find ... a long time ago.  I consolidated my frozen fruits and tossed the dead ice cubes at the bottom of the bin around the roots of the lemon tree.  

I took out a frozen flank steak (well within its 6 month use-it-or-lose-it status), the last dinner I found.  It sat happily getting softer and readier fir the bbq all afternoon.... all afternoon as the clouds rolled in, bumping and thundering and preparing for the deluge.

I will not carp about rainfall in the desert.  I will hide my grilling frustrations and cross my fingers.  I will wait as long as I can, until the clouds gather above our house, but I will put that steak on the barbie this afternoon.

In fact, I think I'll go and do that right now, while there is still some sky to be found behind the clouds.  It's early for dinner.... but the steak can be cold on a salad with fresh veggies and a home made dressing ... and I won't have to worry about being hit by lightning.


  1. Steak on the barbie is atheme around here lately. My favorite way is cold slices on a salad.

  2. How wonderful that your West Coast contingent will be in the house for recuperation purposes. They will lighten the mood and aid in healing. As for food, it is a similar procedure here before our coastal kids arrive. I stock up on all their snacks and vegan favorites. We even ate at fast food places during their visit a couple of weeks ago due to the high temperatures, my lack of desire to cook, and their desire for fast food that they don't get much at home.

    1. And then there was your dead dishwasher, too! Big Cuter is a great cook - I just need to have the ingredients and he does the rest. Queen T and I then spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up :-)


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