Friday, May 20, 2022

One Wonders

After struggling with the mega-organization overseeing our smaller organization over the matter of sending out emails, I was convinced that I had seen the worst in organizational dysfunction.

But now, as I type to you, it is going on minute 6 of a phone call to the hotel my niece suggests we stay at for her wedding this summer.  I have time to type to you because, at minute 2, the lovely Elisabeth at the registration end of this conversation asked me to hold on for a moment.

There has been no Muzak.  There are no manly voices extoling the virtues of the site.  There is only silence.

After minute 4, I wondered if she were still there.  Yes, please, a moment more.

At minute 9:54 her voice reappeared.  She was ready to take the reservation, as task she performed with clarity and speed.

I have no idea what she was doing while I waited.  I heard no typing, no talking, no breathing.  

It was odd.


  1. I keep seeing help wanted signs and hear about the lack of ability to get employees. Maybe she had to make the morning coffee or go clean a room. The situation really does seem dire.

    1. Empty tables at restaurants with diners waiting in the foyer bc there are no cooks or servers.... it is hard to run a business these days, it seems. I think she was reading a manual about how to do a Wedding Block... but she might well have been changing sheets :-


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