Monday, May 23, 2022

I'm Walking

This will be brief, because the joy is too much to contain in words.

I left the walker in the bedroom today.  I have been gliding around the house with greater assurance as the day goes on.  Except for the annoyance of the mega-waterproof-help-me-heal bandage whose adhesive is beginning to chafe, I have no discomfort. 

I certainly have no pain.

Just typing that makes me smile.  

Little Cuter and FlapJilly were quite impressed on our video call this afternoon.  TBG has been ogling me all day.  I keep finding mirrors to walk towards.  And nothing hurts.

It's been 4, 152 days since I had a fluid gait.  Here's to the next 4, 152 days of carefree ambulation.

Thank you, Science.


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