Friday, March 18, 2022


I bought an Amazon Basics shredder.  15 pages at a time, 20 minutes to cool down, half the price of Google's Best Shredder.

It has chompers for credit cards and cd's.  It came fully assembled except for the casters, and they were easy to shove into the legs.  It's light enough to push easily.  The bin opens and releases smoothly.  I had shredder oil already, and lubricated it after an afternoon of shredding.

Two paper garbage bags (thank you, Whole Foods Delivery) were filled with material to be shredded.  It took several hours, and ended up filling two giant boxes:
I'll be driving them to the Transfer Station, since the boxes don't fit in the recycling bin, and putting shredded paper in loosely seemed like a surefire way to blanket the neighborhood with small scraps.  

The floor was covered in dust and some of those loose scraps.  I was forbidden to do any more work on this project until after the appraisal.  It was hard to disagree with the decree - the mess was something to behold.

Having created a lot more square footage while keeping our identities secure seems like an odd tradeoff.  But there's been so much oddness over the past two years that this just seems to fit right in.

Life is strange.  Mine is getting neater.  That is strange.


  1. It occurred to me that I don't do as much shredding as I once did -- online banking, I guess. Now I wonder if online is a secure way to go. But I would choose security risk over mess most days!
    Our transfer station requires shredded paper to be delivered in clear plastic bags and not put in the recycle stream. Apparently it shreds messes up the processing machines.

    1. Wow... finding a big enough clear plastic bag would've been a challenge. My boxes were cheerfully accepted - and I was thanked for not putting it in the can unboxed.

  2. We dump our shreds into our kitchen garbage bag that goes out every night to the big can. We just got some new rules about our recycle bin. No more plastic bags, no more window envelopes, no more cat food or cat litter bags. Glass, cans, plastic containers, clean cardboard are about all they want now. I guess they got new sorting equipment that can't handle smaller, thinner pieces. It gums up the works.


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