Monday, March 28, 2022

Don't Judge Us

TBG did taxes one morning last week.  It's a task he dreads, one that takes a lot of internal dialogue before he can face The Organizer - the blueprint of what must be sent to the wonderful human who actually prepares our return every year.

His goal has been to simplify the process, and over the years it has gotten less burdensome.  This year, it took about an hour, including collecting the documents and copying the exhibits. (TBG likes hard copies, and so hard copies he shall have.... another way to stay married for all these years.... I just copy and smile... and enjoy it when the mortgage guy is amazed that we have everything at TBG's fingertips, ready to be photographed and emailed.)

And there we were, before 9am, taxes secure in a manila envelope, ready for me to weigh and process at the Automated Postal Center before dropping it in the box inside the post office. 

He does the thinking, I do the grunt work.  We are both comfortable in our roles.  We deserved a reward.

Wanna drive me to the Post Office and then go get donuts?

I took that picture just before debating whether a 3rd sugary donut would constitute a proper lunch.


  1. Getting taxes done and in the mail is definitely deserving of some kind of treat in celebration! No judging here.

  2. Treats are always a good reward for getting jobs done. Ours is usually a Starbucks stop.
    This post reminds me, I need to check my bank account and see if my tax refund has landed there yet. Our taxes are simple enough that Mr. TurboTax and I can to them ourselves.


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