Thursday, October 10, 2019

What Is THIS?????

I was going to share my gardening adventures in today's post.  
We had a lot of fun.

But then this happened, and I just had to share.

  After school, I had a meeting with The Garden Guru and his Irrigation Guru to discuss the 5th Grade Garden Project.  It was busy in the lobby where I waited;  Teacher Conference week brought students and parents and siblings who were coming and going in every direction.

I received many many many hugs.
I was introduced to many grandmas and mommies and aunties and daddies and sisters. 
And then I heard one 5th grader say What is THIS?
This????? I replied.
THIS is a telephone.
You can't take pictures with it.
You can't type on it.
You can only talk.

A moment of reflection, followed by
How do you use it though?  How do you dial?

So, I showed him the buttons with numbers on them.
I picked up the receiver and showed him where to talk and where to listen.
And when you're done, you put it back in the cradle, like this.

He thanked me for the lesson and moved on.

I stood there, feeling old.


  1. You can't make stuff like that up :-)

    Your story reminds me of the time I was working Customer Service and had a boy about the same age come ask if he could use our phone to call his grandma. I dialed the number and handed the phone to him. He stood there with a strange look on his face and told me her phone must be broken. When I took the receiver, back I discovered he was hearing a busy signal.

  2. We just had this conversation about rotary dial phones!


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