Friday, October 11, 2019

Another Day in the Garden

No matter what else is offered, bugs always entice them.
Under the tutelage of a Garden Leader, the soil around the onions was gently disturbed,   
with fingers rather than the blue plastic tool, 
the cosmos seeds were placed 3 by 3, covered by replacing the disturbed soil, 
the cosmos seeds were placed 3 by 3, covered by replacing the disturbed soil, and then, ever so gently, they were watered in. 
The wrens' wooden houses are a constant source of amusement.  
The fact that examining them requires climbing the tree may have something to do with this.
There is only one hose, and it sprung another leak this week.  
The watering cans are just as much fun. 
The rakes are also a big hit, especially because collecting the detritus allows the shovels to be put to a Grandma Approved use. 
The rakes create dust, which settled on our tomato plants, so the answer was "YES!"  when she asked if she could "water them from up here?" 
Our purple pitcher-ed Gardener brought us seeds from her own Grandma's stash.   We tossed the ones marked "Not For Human Consumption" because we agreed that some kids will try anything and it would be better not to take any chances.

We planted another packet among the red onions (where she's watering)  and saved the rest for later.  They finished watering while I wrote Nana a thank you note and took this picture with a big smile in my heart.  

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