Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Getting in the Spirit

I'm powering through the Brownie List.
My shopping is finished.
I have all the supplies I need for whatever gifting or baking emergency might arise.  
My candles are flickering on the second night, and I have these faces to make me smile.
She said CHEESE!
He said Are we FINISHED HERE???

The matching cheesy outfits are a direct result of their mother living with their grandmother during her formative years.  
There she is, wearing the costume I sewed for her big brother two years before.
I had no shame.
Apparently, neither does she.

We're in the spirit.
Silliness is a major factor.
It's December - Happy Everything!


  1. The brownies lasted about ten minutes in our house! So yummy as usual. Thank you for thinking of us!


    Stacy xxx

    1. The Thank You's are my favorite part of doing the Brownie List.


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