Friday, December 21, 2018

Attacking the Giant Weeds

Apparently, those gigantic, healthy leaves are invasive plants. They've been lying dormant in the soil, waiting for the amended soil and irrigation to bring them to life.
  They were nearly as tall as the kindergarten kids.
It took many hands working in concert
and then all they got were the tops of the stems.
There was much discussion about the strength of the root system, about the tap root and the smaller tendrils, but not much concern for the plants themselves.    
Destruction was so much fun.
With Grandma's trowels (a new word for us)
and after lots and lots of digging, 
more digging than any of us expected,
enough digging to share the trowels,
the roots were exposed 
and displayed with pride
We smoothed the soil over the few remaining scallion tops,
and then picked marigold blossoms and put them in our hair.
It was a lovely day in Grandma's Garden, 
even if some mallow and wild mustard had to die to make it so.

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