Friday, November 16, 2018

It Feels Great

Little Cuter in Indiana and The Bride in Alabama wonder what it's like to live in a state that's trending purple.

When we moved to Arizona in 2006, we had Janet Napolitano as our Governor, Gabby Giffords as our US Representative, and Senator John McCain (before Sarah Palin).  Then Obama was elected and he took Janet and we got The Hairdresser.  Gabby was shot and we got McSally.  John McCain became a hack, then a hero, then he died.

It's been up and down and all around but here we are.  The State Legislature's Republican majority has shrunk.  My Congressional district flipped back to the Democrats.  And this is how my new Senator showed up for work today:
getty photo

To answer the girls' question: It Feels Great!


  1. Didn't I read this summer that women in the Senate, including Senators, aides, reporters, etc. are barred from having bare arms at any time, even in hot weather?

    1. That was a rule that Paul Ryan made. A bunch of his colleagues (can't remember who)walked right in, bare shoulders and all.


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