Tuesday, November 20, 2018


I had a post in my head.  I was ready to write about an epiphany.  I was going to share my moment among the vegetables in Whole Foods.  You'll read it tomorrow. 

TBG came out of the bedroom, into the kitchen, to share the news.  Another mass shooting, this time at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.  A spurned lover.  A critically injured police officer.

At a hospital. 

I can't even type. 

The place I felt safest, the place I didn't want to leave, the place that put me back together with spit and baling wire, the place where the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful humans perform their magic......

At a hospital.

I'll be able to type more tomorrow.  Right now, I just want to hold my heart in my hands and not think about anything at all..

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