Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Red Rocks

You have to ease into the vortex, even though it comes upon you rather suddenly.  One minute you're climbing through Coconino National Forest, filling your eyes with thick green conifers.  Then the road bends and this is there:
I was naughty.  I couldn't help myself.  I had no side-seat driver.
I took my own pictures while piloting thousands of pounds of metal.
Like I said, I couldn't help myself.
It helped that everyone else on the road at that moment was also slowing down to oohhhh and ahhhh.

The red is from iron ore.
Sometimes it's orange.
Some of the tops have been sheered off by glaciers
but most of the formations resemble sand castles, dribbled over time.
Parked in one of the many Scenic View pullouts, I found myself counting the layers.
I was looking at a picture of deep time, imagining ancient creatures crushed within the walls.  
Sedona does that to you.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they are! I wish I could capture the feeling, too.

  2. Although not interested in traveling, I have wished to go to Sedona. I also want to return to Abiquiu. The colors and sky there are just so amazing. I understand why Georgia O'Keeffe was so taken.

    1. It's truly a magical place, and an easy drive for me from Tucson.

  3. Sedona is special and if you have more time, going to the Sinagua ruins are pretty easy hikes and beautiful with petroglyphs. Lots of things to do in Sedona's back country

  4. The road in is just the beginning of the transformation....


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