Wednesday, October 11, 2017

If You Give A Presser and Nobody Shows Up......

were the words really said at all?

We felt like that tree in the forest, falling to the ground, wondering if anyone was hearing the sound.  The local president of NOW, the leaders of LUCHA, the OFA usual suspects, and I were gathered in the courtyard of the YWCA yesterday morning, ready to present our words and our passion to the media assembled before us.  

Unfortunately, nobody came.

That didn't stop us.  We spoke, a video recording was made, photos were taken.  Uploading and sharing and registering the event took place on a variety of platforms.  It was all very 21st century.  It happened, even though no one was there to hear it.

For the record, here's what I said:

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
For what legitimate purpose does one need dozens of assault rifles? You can't buy large quantities of fertilizer without triggering an alert. You can't buy Sudafed without the purchase being recorded. An assault rifle is at least as dangerous as cold medicine.

Do you have them for defense? I've seen the police and the military up close and personal, armed and ready to protect me. Believe me, if the Marines want you, you are toast, and I don't care how many civilians with how many rounds of armor piercing ammo you have.

Armor Piercing Ammo. Are we really having this conversation?
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

The Hearing Protection Act worries about the health and wellbeing of the shooters who, poor dears, are forced to wear ear muffs to protect themselves from the sounds of their sport. Protections in sports are well known – my son played lacrosse, I still have his pads. My daughter played soccer; the refs knocked on her shin guards before every game. Your sport has risks – buy the equipment to keep you safe.

And if you are loooking at your gun as a tool, then wear protective gear, just like a welder wears a mask.

The Capitol Police were not watching the game when they heard the shooting. They heard the shooting and came running. If there were suppressors on those guns I wonder how many more Republicans would have spent their summers in the hospital, alongside Congressman Scalise.

I get it. Who will make the list? I came of age during Nixon's Enemies List. I understand the fear. But, how about a list made by the Army? If the army disqualifies an individual because he does not have the mental stability to wield a weapon alongside others who are being trained to kill, then why shouldn't the rest of us be just as protected from this person as his squad mates? I asked Rep McSally this question in an op ed in the Arizona Daily Star several months ago; she called me a liar in her telephone town hall a few days later. She accused me of purveying misrepresentations and false statements. Well, Ms McSally, the only facts in the piece were your votes; the rest was my opinion that you have a special responsibility to this particular district, with our particular history, to represent us.......not to Rubber Stamp President Trump's agenda. 

We elected you. We want you to represent all of us.


  1. You are not talking to the wind although you (and the rest of us) may feel that way. We are saying what must be said...and you do it beautifully and forcefully. I'm a rank amateur, but I say it anyway in order to sleep at night and feel somewhat better for not just silently accepting the current environment. Amen to your post.

    1. Why, thank you, Margie! It must be said, if only to be able to tell our heirs that we tried.


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