Monday, July 10, 2017

Putting Myself in Time Out

Miss Levine, my favorite kindergarten teacher, would tell unruly five year olds that everyone needs a moment, now and then as she was escorting them to a seat in the hallway, with a book and a hug and a smile.

I took my own moment this weekend.  I unplugged from everything except FlapJilly on Facetime.  I watched no talking heads. I read the newspaper, but only the light-hearted and personal pieces.  I caught up on the comics.

I read a novel and did a crossword puzzle or two and I cooked with yummy veggies and fresh artisan bread. On Saturday, because Scarlett and I had agreed to watch Sam Elliott's moustache together, and on Sunday, because Brenda Starr and I had a date to play games and eat crepes in the morning, I left the house.   There were no prolonged good byes; it was too hot to stand in the parking lot.

And so I spent a lovely weekend; the only problem I encountered was running out of lives on Candy Crush Saga.  I wrote no letters, signed no petitions, called no elected officials.  I expressed no outrage.  After all, everyone needs a moment, now and then.


  1. We all need down time. I'm especially having to do this more and more--especially with all the insanity going on right now. Take a deep breath and live in the moment.

    Sending hugs!

    Megan xxx

  2. It helps me to back off from being informed when it doesn't help that much

    1. Too true. The facts just make it more awful :-)


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