Saturday, July 22, 2017

I'm Just Wondering

Thanks, Little Cheese, for alerting me to the fact that this had yet to appear!

I've tried to come up with an explanation, but I can't.  It's a question no one has asked.

Believe me, between the New York Times and the Washington Post and the various on-line aggregators I bring to the table, and the televised talking heads of all descriptions who are TBG's companions most of the day, we hear and see it all.  What we miss generationally, Big Cuter is happy to provide.

Still, I seem to be the only person who is wondering, and that makes me wonder why I'm wondering... and why they are not... and who are they, anyway.

Obviously, Mr. Trump knew that he'd be seated next to Mrs. Abe; he brought a Japanese/English translator to the G-20 dinner at the center of the latest kerfuffle.  Didn't anyone wonder about the rest of the seating arrangements?

Who decided that it would be a good idea to put Melania Trump next to Vladimir Putin?

There are so many questions that fall out of that one.  Did the Trumps ask for it as an excuse for the bro-mance between the boys to continue in public?  Was the G-20's Social Secretary having a bit of fun?  Did Vlad the Bad make a request?  

Why am I the only one who seems to care?

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