Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Not-Kathy and her cousin were my partners in crime this afternoon, and they bore the full brunt of walking as rehab.  We met outside the Pilates studio after my one-on-one hour; I was warmed up and ready to go.  The sun was low in the sky and a slight breeze was blowing as we strode across the parking lot and onto The Loop, Tucson's 131 mile multi-use path linking our city to its surrounding communities and major waterways.
Yes, we do have waterways.  They are dry, horse and hiker friendly washes for most of the year.  During monsoon, though, it's a different story.  All the debris dumped upstream comes roaring on snow-melt-cum-rain fueled waves; people stand on the overpasses to watch as rusted out vehicles follow sofas downstream.
Downhill, following the Rillito River (yes, we recognize the redundancy) as it passes beneath Campbell, then uphill, which is much easier.  We chatted and gave advice and kept up a decent pace. I concentrated on using my newly discovered thigh musculature to propel me forward.  I thought about keeping my shoulders in a toaster slot (a Pilates image) and holding myself up from my abs.  I made sure to use my entire foot - heel, ball, toe - as I tried to put equal pressure on each side.

It sounds more exhausting than it is.  It makes me smile.  I'm proud of it all, because 6 years ago I couldn't do any of it.  Two years ago, getting to the path would have been a milestone. Today, we three walked about a mile and a half, and I lived to tell the tale.

This is the part that gets me.  This is when I start to whine, most often to myself, although if there's a good friend nearby, she's often a witness to my angst.  We stopped to hug and make plans for tomorrow and then I pretended to move.  The mind was willing but the flesh was weak. I lumbered, I galumphed, I limped, I whimpered and, somehow, I got myself into the driver's seat.  I would have been furious if I'd had the energy.

I hurt.  Everywhere.

Everywhere but my heart and soul.  I took a walk this afternoon with the girls.  That makes me smile.

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