Monday, April 10, 2017

Playing Catch Up

I've been remiss, and I apologize.  The sidebar has not been updated since August.  I plan to remedy the situation over the next few weeks, once I get the history out of the way.

The problem began when the Pima County Library System improved their on-line catalog.  I was no longer able to log on using Google as my browser; I'm typing this on whatever operating system was installed when I brought Lenore home from Best Buy all those years ago.  For some reason, the system recognizes me through this portal. 

But, it got worse.  Once I managed to get on-line, I could no longer find my Reading History.  That was the list I used to update the sidebar; rather than keep a hand-written notepad with authors and titles, I could click on the website and cut and paste the information.  It was handy-dandy, it was efficient, and, suddenly, without warning, it was gone. 

I attributed it to a glitch in Lenore's guts, and didn't think much more about it until I mentioned it, in passing, to a librarian.  She told me the work-around.  She told me I was not alone.  She agreed that it was awkward and that the library should have an asterisk leading to the alternative and then we laughed because it was really a link not an asterisk that I needed and would anyone under the age of 25 know that an asterisk was anything but a star?

Once I fell so far behind with the books, the movies and tv and theater listings vanished, too.  I have no excuse for that.  I do have a plan..... and that's something, I suppose.  I've spent the last few weeks cogitating and I've decided to use several blog posts playing catch-up.  Brief descriptions to bring you up to date on what I've read and what I've seen over the past seven months.

Sigh..... the older I get, the faster time flies.

Here's a start.  I'll cut and paste them into the sidebar as they are written; don't be surprised if you feel as if you keep reading this post over and over...... you are, if your eyes drift to the right.

Suspect - Robert Crais is perfect.  His stories wind themselves around your brain and refuse to let go.
Corrupted - Lisa Scottoline tells a good story, though I keep wanting to smack her characters and tell them to get hold of themselves.
Mercy - Daniel  and Michael Palmer, father and son and TFOB stars, took me through assisted suicide and murder and mystery and I thought about it for a good long while afterwards.
Commonwealth - This is real literature, a book to treasure and reread with characters who reveal themselves over generations. 
Hollow City - Ransom Riggs peculiar children race through WWII London and The Blitz and other peculiar beings chase after them.  The photographs alone are remarkable enough.

And that is the first edition of the Catch Up Editions of the sidebars.  Thanks for letting me use them twice.

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