Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Susan B. Anthony is Smiling Right Now

I've tried to write this five different times.  I've had Madam President and Random Thoughts on a Tuesday and Living History and Seriously, Speaker Ryan? as titles.  I've tried to stay away from the talking heads.  I've tried sitting in front of the talking heads. My head is spinning.

I loved Shirley Chisholm's run for the Presidency.  I haven't been thrilled with Hillary Clinton's campaign.  But Ms Chisholm never got past the Convention in 1974 and Mrs. Clinton is about to take to the airwaves and talk about becoming the Democratic Candidate for President of the United States.

Somewhere, Susan B. Anthony is smiling.

My grandpa thought I would be President; I wonder what Hillary's grandfather thought about her possibilities. Being a realist, I never thought it was a possibility. I've often wondered if Hillary hitched her wagon to Bill's because she didn't think the country would accept her as The Most Powerful Person in the World.

And today she became the Democrats' candidate for the Oval Office (or so the pundits have calculated).

FlapJilly will never wonder if she could have been the one standing on the podium, accepting the nomination, because, whether she wins or loses in November, Hillary Clinton will have been a viable candidate for the Presidency and the only reason my granddaughter won't run for the same office will be because she doesn't want to, not because she doesn't think she can.

I am truly Living History. I'm saving Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan for tomorrow because I don't want to spoil today.  Susan B. Anthony and I are too busy smiling.


  1. I married in may 1974 I so remember Shirley Chisolm a lot..Why is it when a woman runs for political office or the CEO of a major company it is a big deal..Why or why, I even went to two years to an all girl high school the women mostly minorities were powerful but were not allowed to come to s.e. Portland Oregon where I lived, when I took the bus to where they lived the white bus driver said all the way to this one street, be very careful and get back on the bus if you need help, can you imagine? Racism is still rampant in this country, I went to san diego California and never knew a few miles from downtown where I resided for two years was a ghetto I found out by mistake, I was appalled that people of color could only find housing there and no where else, even my professor at the junior college was forced to live in that crap place, if Hillary gets to the white house it cannot be too soon for me and my hubs of 42 years, really? she is highly educated, and has proven herself capable and ready to take the command and I don't mean she married Bill to get to the White House, he is wonderful tooooo but she always wanted to be the leader of the free world the USA she is extraordinary!

    1. Anonymous, I agree that "she has proven herself capable and ready to take the command" which is why I'm able to put my discomfort for her aside. The fact that the clown car vomited out Donald Trump as the Republican Alternative makes it a lot easier, though.

      I've got 2 new hashtags I'm promoting: #Settling4Hillary and #WrongWithinNormalLimits


  2. I'm smiling too, not just because we may have a woman for president, but also because I truly believe in Hillary Clinton. If you were to actually visit my blog you would see what I wrote.


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