Thursday, June 16, 2016


I feel as if I've been filibustering for five years. I've been making arguments and encouraging others to join me and I've answered questions and it's accomplished absolutely nothing.

Then, yesterday, Little Cuter called from work to tell me to get on a device and listen. The Democrats were filibustering for the right to vote on two gun safety measures.

It was stunning. It attracted attention. It brought the issue of legislative inaction to the forefront. It laid out a compelling case for passage of measures designed to keep me safe.

Republican Senators whined. "The Democrats won't let us do anything until we act on this." I swallowed my bile; they haven't done anything for so long I wondered how they noticed the difference.

And then it was over. The Republicans agreed to allow a vote.

Allow A Vote.

Look at that for a while and see if your blood pressure rises. Mine did. They were elected to work for their constituents. Making the hard decisions, going on the record, analyzing and assessing and coming to a conclusion - where is "allowing a vote" in all of that.

The talking heads say that neither measure will pass. Haters on both sides say the measures are flawed. Bad guys will still have weaponry and innocents will perish.

I don't care.

I want every one of those 100 Senators to go on the record. I want to know where they stand. I want Jeff Flake and John McCain to vote No and then try to justify it.  I want them to announce to the world that owning an assault rifle is more important than my ability to feel safe.

Then, I'll go to the polls.

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