Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Happened to Spring?

There are five seasons in Tucson, if you include Monsoon.  At least, that's what they tell you when you move here.  I'm beginning to doubt the existence of Spring.

Last week I wore my fleece lined baseball jacket; today I am sweating in a lycra long sleeved top. Last week I covered my frost sensitive plants, two nights in a row, due to a hard freeze warning. Today the sprouting leaves are wilted and in desperate need of a watering.  It was gloomy and dark much too early and now it is sunshine awakening me in the morning.  I'm very confused.

My black and grey striped top seems too dismal for 80-and-sunny.  Long tights made my thighs sweat, something that hasn't happened to me since Little Cuter and I drove 95 mph on the 8 lane highway going into Salt Lake City.

I hung out with the kids at Prince today, and they were as confused as I was.
This one had her scarf and jacket on in the cafeteria, as I walked around, dripping sweat, putting stickers on cheeks and noses and foreheads
Her friend was comfy in a tank top.
The boys were in t-shirts and sweat shirts and everybody claimed to be comfortable.
I was decidedly UNcomfortable.

I know that those of you who are still wearing Uggs and wrapping mufflers around your frozen faces and shoveling driveways and slipping on random patches of ice have no sympathy for me.
I understand your perspective.
I feel your frozen pain.

But I have cowboy boots which are now unwearable because my feet get so hot that they sweat and slip around and I might fall in the name of fashion.  
I have sweaters I've worn once, and which I may have to dry clean after one wearing, because no one needs cashmere and long sleeves when the temperatures are climbing into the 80's.

My jeans will go to the bottom of the pile, topped by shorts of all descriptions.
My long sleeve tops will move from the Everyday Wearables pile to the Comfy Hang Out at Home pile; air conditioning makes long sleeves a necessity, even in July.
I'll start to walk with the Prince kids before school, when the sun and the temperatures are lower.

I'm sure there will be a Spring day or two in the next few weeks, a day of 60's and sunshine and a gentle breeze.  Right now, I'm sweltering and complaining.

Feel free to be bitter in the comments.
I can take it.


  1. I had to laugh at this post. It's 15 degrees in DC right now. Our hight today is going to be 29 degrees. I HATE being cold. Going to Florida next Thursday and cannot wait 'cause it's supposed to be in the 70s during the day. I didn't realize it got so hot so early in Arizona. Maybe the kids at Prince are still wearing fall/winter clothes due to it being cold in the school? My daughter wears short sleeves though to school lately 'cause it's really hot in her school. My other daughter wears a jacket. I think it all depends on the school. My little guy is usually happy with whatever I put on him.

    And I could NEVER be bitter in the comments--LOL. Trying and stay cool.

    Megan xxx

    1. In elementary school, we were not allowed to wear sweaters, per the principal's order. Who knows why?! My mom, president of the PTA, pointed out to him that he walked around in a shirt, a vest, a tie, and a suit coat. Perhaps HE was warm, but the little tykes were FREEZING!!

      Policy changed that afternoon.

  2. We are having lovely weather here in Fresno. 70s. I did not need a jacket when I went to school the last two days. Still wearing socks and long pants, though.

    1. Big Cuter in SF is complaining that 70 is too hot for February. I wonder if his sister in Chicago is agreeing with him as she hunkers down for a winter vortex :-(


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