Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day from Amphi Middle School

GRIN went to the cafeteria on Friday.
We set out the supplies on the wrapping paper.
We had four table tops instead of our usual two,
we had students on both sides of the tables,
 and still they were shoulder to shoulder.
 They were cooperative
 and eager to share.
 Many of the boys were as willing as the girls
although some preferred to supervise.
 There was much admiration (see left, below)
 and much kibbitzing (see right, below)
 and there were tutus.
Many, many tutus.

The GRIN volunteers were fascinated by this homemade creation.
 and with the elephant.
With some help figuring out the heart shaped punches 
and some time spent pondering the state of the world
they went to work
and stickering
and peeling the backs off those delicious foam hearts.
Did I mention that they were delicious? 
There were crowns
worn proudly and happily.
The Valentine's Day Dance was starting after one more period 
and some were clearly thrilled with the prospect. 
 The GRIN volunteers were unanimous in our support of the crowns.
Grandma (that's me) had stickers that looked like bandaids.
They proclaimed Ms Suzi says: I am a Superstar at Amphi Middle School.
Apparently, they work as well on the cheek as on the chest. 
There were a variety of reactions to May I take your picture?

Some were too busy creating to pose. 

The finished products speak for themselves:

After a special shout out to the custodial staff who shlepped and swept and wiped and smiled as we created a pink and white and red mess on the floor....  
a mess from which we walked away... 
sharing our favorite wonderful moments... 
when we passed Mr. T, the Assistant Principal,
and his cafeteria-made Valentine.

That smile right there.....
that's why we do what we do.


  1. Replies
    1. Fifty five minutes of pandemonium and love! "The easiest volunteering EVER!" according to one GRINner.

      It's a simple project with lots of benefits on both sides of the equation <3

      Happy V-tines to you!

  2. What a fun time! Valentine greetings from cold, cold NYC, at 2 degrees here.

    1. Oh, Carol.... we are contemplating turning on our pool, it's soooooo warm. Stay comfy with some V-tines Love <3 <3 <3


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