Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Exploratorium

I love that.
I love the simplicity and the complexity.
I love the questions.
I love laughing while I'm wondering.

The fact that Feynman was in a math class at City College with Daddooooo 
(or so the story goes...) 
and scored 100% on an exam the rest of the class failed, thus ruining the curve, 
only adds to the joy.

That's kind of the point of The Exploratorium.  
Artess is delighted that we enjoyed ourselves; 
she's been involved with the place since our kids were teeny.  
The fact that my boys were enjoying themselves even as adults
was exactly what the creators of this new, wonderful, waterfront space had in mind.

There's something for everyone inside the repurposed piers.  
There's art from cutlery
(yes, those are spoons) 
on the walls as you wait to purchase tickets.
Or, if you have a connected young adult in your midst, you can buy the tickets over your phone.
It was funny watching his expression change as I reminded him that two of us were seniors.
"I keep forgetting that you're old," was what he said.
I think that's a good thing.

The exhibits are interactive.
Big Cuter smoothed then spiraled the sand in a very satisfying way.
The girl on the other dial was using a flatter edge, but was equally mesmerized.

The exhibits challenge your perceptions and explain the world in exuberant ways.
We stood in front of this contraption for quite some time
It doesn't seem possible, does it?
The explanation comes when you press the red STOP button.
It's welded together.
Brother, if you are reading this please consider creating one for me.  
You are the best tinkerer I know.
In fact,there's a tinkering lab which looked like a fabulous place to while away a cloudy afternoon. 

Many of the old favorites still exist.
The line to try the gyro-chair was filled with giggling 4th graders; the apron clad docent would dissect a cow's eye on Wednesday; the pendulum-cum-spirograph would be available at noon. 

I was glad to see that FlapJilly will get to enjoy some of the same things her Mommy did when she was a little girl. 

As we sat in the world's most comfortable rocking chairs, I allowed that fantasy to wash over me. That's another thing which hasn't changed about The Exploratorium - the many comfortable resting places for grown-ups who are watching little ones learn.

It's a very thoughtful space.
It's an expensive place, too.... 
but we felt as if we'd gotten our money's worth within the first 15 minutes.  
It's not often that I can type that.


  1. This place looks amazing! The next time I'm in SF, I'm going to visit it. My BIL and his family live there; so I will have to ask them about it too. Love stuff like this.

    Megan xxx

    1. You and the family will spend an entire day there, and then beg to go back tomorrow! IF both families are going, it might be worth a family membership for the discount.


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