Thursday, April 2, 2015

On Returning Home

The trees are just beginning to turn yellow.
The amaryllis I planted outside after Christmas, 2013,  is sending up a shoot.
In just one week, this

                 turned to this

and this

turned to this.

Spring has sprung.  They're six weeks or so 
behind us in Illinois; their trees are just beginning to bud. Tulips and day lilies were leafing out, but it was more like winter's end than spring's beginning.

Perhaps that's because I'm looking at this 

as I type to you. 
Perhaps it's because the long sleeve top and black jeans in which I traveled felt very chic and very dark by the time we found Uncle Beemer in the parking lot.  The time for long pants in the middle of the day has passed, it seems.  

That's spring in Tucson - and I like it.

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