Friday, April 10, 2015

San Francisco

TBG and I flew to the Left Coast this morning. Our plans include his visit to the orthopedist who repaired his knee two decades ago, a visit during which I spent a lovely couple of hours talking with Bunionella.
The clinic is in The Marina, right on the shore of San Francisco Bay. It's also across the street from a Safeway. The combination of take away foodstuffs and a bench in the shade was irresistible; we grabbed lunch and ate by the sea.
I'm starved for water it seems. I couldn't stop watching it sloshing against the moored yachts. I wish I had taken a photograph. I was too busy being in the moment.
I did take these as we tried to find a garbage can for our lunch trash.
I noticed the punching bag first. With the breeze and the sea air and the sunshine it seems like a perfect location....except that it's right on the main drag. Privacy must not be important.
TBG waxed eloquent over this boxwood hedge.
 He loves the clean, geometric lines of a formal garden. Unfortunately for him, he's married to a free form gardener.  There's not much rigid symmetry in my cultivating scheme.
As if we needed a reminder of why we love this city, we stumbled upon this workout center amidst the grass of Marina Green.
There were two women using the bumps and the steps and doing crunches and other floor exercises on the soft cushioned surface. We bounced as we walked over to the mounted equipment,
which came with instructions.
Had we been wearing the appropriate suite we'd have joined right in.
There will be eating and sightseeing and more eating and there will be much hugging of our eldest child. Come back on Monday for some more of our adventures.

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